• 11.23.2011

    Geof Kern, Photography That Stays With You

    When things align perfectly, the memory lasts forever. That’s the idea behind the new brand platform for Ritz-Carlton hotels. While the unspoken message of most hotel advertising may be “stay with us,” the creatives at Team One turned tradition on its head with their theme, “Let us... read more

  • 11.21.2011

    Robert Schlatter on Past Influences

      The other day I remembered a portrait I did of one of my teachers in Art School, while I was a student at the Cooper Union. His name was Louis Faurer. In this portrait, he had wrapped himself in an American flag on top of The Cooper Union Building in Manhattan, on a sunny spring day. I don’t know why he did wrap himself in the flag, as he was not particularly patriotic. Louis... read more

  • 11.8.2011

    Todd Oldham Talks About Collaborating With Patrick Hruby

      When design icon Todd Oldham raves about an artist, people pay attention. “I have enjoyed working with a sea of talented people,” says Oldham, “and Patrick Hruby ranks among the very top. He is a bit of a miracle in the skill part of his efforts which is only matched by his work ethic.” As a student of the Art Center College of Design (2010 grad), young Patrick was already capturing... read more

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