• 10.18.2012

    F+J 60 Seconds of Inspiration Video Series - Part 4

    For the Fall 2012 newsletter Coco Connolly asked Kathryn Barnard to create a behind the scenes video about the cover shot she photographed for the F+J Artist Catalog. This is an ongoing video series to showcase the F+J artists in a different way. For more videos visit our Vimeo page.

  • 10.10.2012

    JCP Campaign By Geof Kern

    While shooting for JCP (the retail outlet known as JC Penny for nearly a century), photographer Geof Kern got in touch with his inner child. "The word that best describes my experience on the JCP campaign is FUN," says Geof. "There were up to 8 kids at the shoots, most were under 5-years old. The set looked like a circus with bold bright colors--including lavender, a color not typically associated with my photography--and kids running around playing. Here I was coaching 3-year-olds to... read more

  • 10.8.2012

    Jill Calder Illustrates Benromach Whisky Owners

    photos by Mike Wilkinson Jill Calder, alongside Stuff Creative and Gordon & McPhail (who own the Benromach Single Malt WHISKY brand), created portraits of the owners to be used in the new branding and marketing efforts for Benromach Whisky. They are a very small, bespoke whisky distillery based in Speyside in the North East of Scotland, producing a range of fine single malts, including an organic malt and the current star, the Ten Year old Single Malt. Jill's involvement in the... read more

  • 10.3.2012

    Jimmer's Book Cover By Robert Schlatter

    Earlier this summer Robert Schlatter photographed the Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette for the cover of his book 'The Contract'. They also used the images to create a poster, which is included in the book. The book talks about the contract Fredette made with his brother TJ that made Fredette commited to do everything possible to make it to the NBA. More on the story ... read more

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