• 6.27.2016


    If this is the first time you have checked out the F+J blog, I will let you know that you came at the right time!
    Today is the first Monday of our Behind the Scenes series that will let you see our artist's creative process from start to end. So much goes into making an image/illustration, and the process can often be as exciting as the piece itself. So to kick us off, Jill Calder  shows us what it was like to make "Mowgli and Bagheera" -
    ... read more

  • 6.17.2016

    INSPIRATION FRIDAY | Caroline Tomlinson

    Trying a new look for our #InspirationFriday! We make these posts to show off the work of the artists we represent. And not only that, but to also keep us inspired to create and explore. We love Caroline Tomlinson''s watercolor and ink illustrations and hope you do to! Happy weekend from F+J!

  • 6.13.2016

    Patrick Fraser & Naomi Greene

    Click HERE to see Naomi Greene perform "No Skin". #FJartist Patrick Fraser initially met Naomi through mutual friends. Then he went to one of her live concerts at a small venue in Los Angeles. On hearing her unique sound it struck him that a simple film of her playing this majestic instrument in a white space filmed in black and white would be powerful visually. Naomi has a captivating presence both on and off stage. She plays her harp with a lot of... read more

  • 6.6.2016

    INSPIRATION FRIDAY | Patrick Hruby

    Often for #inspirationfriday , we feature work that inspires you to DO or CREATE something! But ya know, it's the weekend and sometimes you just need to take a break from the hustle! Go sit on your couch, eat a donut, jot down some things that make you happy, and take a nap for goodness sake. ... read more

  • 6.3.2016


    Soak up these last few days of spring! Whether that means filling your room with some blooms, go searching for some lucky clovers, or cram in that last spring clean. #inspiration this Friday provided to you by #fjartist Geof Kern.

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