• 1.15.2018

    We Love Patrick Fraser's Newest Vanity Fair Portraits

    Patrick's moody series of photos of actor Dave Franco were a great addition the current article in Vanity Fair. Read the article and see more photos here where Dave discusses his role in his current film, The Disaster Artist. The Disaster Artist is a film about the making of 2003’s The... read more

  • 9.3.2017

    Robin Wright Relaxes in LA | Patrick Fraser for The Observer Magazine

    After five Emmy nominations for her lead role in Netflix’s “House of Cards,” viewers may be tempted to equate the actress with her manipulative alter-ego, the presidential Claire Underwood. That’s one reason The Observer Magazine’s photo director, Kit Burnet, asked Patrick Fraser to capture a more relaxed side of her at a... read more

  • 2.20.2017

    Patrick Fraser Lends Perspective To Air Tahiti Ad

    Air Tahiti needed someone who could shoot their newest ad campaign single-handedly. That person turned out to be Patrick Fraser, who was commissioned for the job by Tokyo agency Hakuhodo, with LA’s Radiant Pictures producing. In each shot, a woman (the LA model Zelly, cast by Fraser) is leading her boyfriend by the hand toward a... read more

  • 10.21.2016

    What Patrick Fraser and Peter Berg Have in Common is Gritty and Real

    Patrick Fraser realeased the shutter as Peter Berg prepared to launch "Deepwater Horizon". the rusult is Esquire Magazine's feature portraits of the director and one memorable shoot. Esquire commission F+J artist Patrick Fraser to photograph Peter Berg for an 8 page feature published in October. The director's recent "Deepwater Horizon" resuscitated the multiple lives lost in 2010, when... read more

  • 10.20.2016

    INSPIRATION FRIDAY | Patrick Fraser

    F+J Artist, Patrick Fraser's Ambulantes book was featured on A Photo Editor's Instagram and is nothing short of inspirational.  #inspireme #inspirationfriday

  • 9.26.2016


    Patrick Fraser Goes Behind the Scenes With Ballerina Isabella Boylston at the Vail International Dance Festival:

    "Performing in an open-air theater has its advantages and disadvantages. The atmosphere is really magical with trees and mountains in the background, but at the same time you can't control the climate. Once the sun goes down, it usually gets really cold, and the floor becomes more slippery, which can be a little scary for... read more

  • 8.31.2016

    Bring F+J Into Your Home!

          We love that our artists not only make work for brands, but for you! Here is a list of our artist's that are selling work for your walls: Karolin Schnoor Tim Tomkinson Caroline Tomlinson Patrick Fraser

  • 6.13.2016

    Patrick Fraser & Naomi Greene

    Click HERE to see Naomi Greene perform "No Skin". #FJartist Patrick Fraser initially met Naomi through mutual friends. Then he went to one of her live concerts at a small venue in Los Angeles. On hearing her unique sound it struck him that a simple film of her playing this majestic instrument in a white space filmed in black and white would be powerful visually. Naomi has a captivating presence both on and off stage. She plays her harp with a lot of... read more

  • 5.16.2016

    When Photos & Motion Collide

    Cinemagraphs have been gracing the internet for a while now, but they never fail to make me feel like I am living at Hogwarts. You glance at an image, and for a split second, you question your sanity. "Did that photo just move?!?!" Yes, yes it did. #fjartist Patrick Fraser brings the still to life with his new series of clever cinemagraphs.

  • 5.11.2016

    A Nostalgic Trip for any Californian | IN-N-OUT

    Every city has a surplus of something: Starbucks, cottonfields, Dollar Generals, sports bars. You turn the corner, and what do you know, ANOTHER juice bar is now open. But with these chain companies comes a certain sense of nostalgia. Yeah, you might have expanded your diet to more than fried foods as you've grown older, but there is nothing like reliving a moment of childhood or a late night college indulgence every now and then.  In Orange County, you will find that it never runs dry... read more

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