• 2.13.2013

    Passage: A Short Documentary About the Ballerina Carla Körbes by Patrick Fraser

    In his five-minute documentary titled Passage, Patrick Fraser captures the artistry, grace, and athleticism of Pacific Northwest Ballet Principal Dancer Carla Körbes. Filmed in slow motion, the viewer can witness the detailed work of every muscle in Körbes body as she executes leaps and turns, seemingly defying the laws of gravity.

    To film the documentary, Fraser called up Mike Elliot, who owns Quixote/Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles, and asked to borrow his RED Epic camera. After hearing about the concept of the film, Elliot agreed to help transform the concept into reality. Fraser flew Körbes down from Seattle, and they spent a day filming at The Colburn School in Downtown LA. Former New York City Ballet dancer Zippora Karz -- Fraser photographed Karz for an ad with DDB Remedy for Lifescan OneTouch -- helped secure the dance studio and conduct the interviews with Körbes. Fraser and Karz questioned Körbes about her life as a leading ballerina, how it feels to be on stage, her personal journey with ballet, as well as the future of the art and craft of ballet.

    A self-funded project, it took nine months to complete the project. Fraser poured a lot of time, effort, and passion into the film, citing that he could not have done it without the help and resources of his many talented friends: Chris Groban, who edited the film; Charlie Hale, who wrote a beautiful piano solo for the film; Beau Leon, one of LA's top telecine colorists; and Byron Parr, who designed the titles.

    Currently, the video is creating a lot of buzz in the dance world as it gives a thoughtful depiction of those who live their lives by the ballet barres and spotlights. Earlier in the week, the film had more than a thousand plays in a single day. Additionally, The New York Times linked to it in an article about Körbes earlier this month.


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