• 2.20.2017

    Patrick Fraser Lends Perspective To Air Tahiti Ad

    Air Tahiti needed someone who could shoot their newest ad campaign single-handedly. That person turned out to be Patrick Fraser, who was commissioned for the job by Tokyo agency Hakuhodo, with LA’s Radiant Pictures producing. In each shot, a woman (the LA model Zelly, cast by Fraser) is leading her boyfriend by the hand toward a pristine view of Mo’rea’s crystal-blue ocean. Various images depict them turning toward the sunset, heading out onto a long pier, or in the ocean, surrounded by schools of brightly-colored fish. The idea was to convey a vacationing couple from one partner’s perspective: that is, Fraser’s. “Much of the shoot we were holding hands and [I was] shooting at the same time on a 5d Mrk3,” said Fraser. He also utilized a camera housing to capture underwater stills and video for the client. Print ads will be posted in Tokyo’s subway system, where Air Tahiti hopes to attract young tourists; the video element will be used by Japanese travel agencies when booking travel.

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