• 4.1.2014

    Patrick Fraser Shoots Night Surfers for ShortList MODE

    The dark side of surfing, otherwise known as night surfing, entails increased risk of shark attack, low visibility, and perfectly uncrowded waves for the brave few who do it. Entering this fray, Patrick Fraser recently photographed a few San Diego night surfers for a story in ShortList's biennial MODE Magazine titled "The Dark Night Riders." The article was written by Sarah Hay and styled by Adrian Clark.

    Fraser's lifestyle shots portray surfer and Kynd Clothing entrepreneur Brent Gil, his brother Derek, and their friends Eric and Trey both during and after a typical night surfing session. You'll see the group pulling up at dusk and talking briefly against a silky sunset, split-second frames in which they and their white boards flash up out of the black water, and the bonfire around which everyone warms up afterward. There are glimpses of back tattoos, surfboard fins, and a pair of feet draining on to a brightly-colored towel. We are afforded this insiders' view, the flash reminds us, by way of Fraser's photography.

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