• 12.2.2013

    Patrick Fraser Steams Up People Magazine with Sexy Liquid Plumr Ad

    Adam Levine may grace the cover of People Magazine’s 2013 Sexiest Man Alive issue, but inside the pop-culture publication you’ll find another rather hunky, yet unknown candidate—a sexy plumber, as featured in a Liquid Plumr ad campaign.

    Patrick Fraser shot the male model plumbers in one long day shoot at Quixote Stage 1 in West Hollywood. After capturing the images for the print ads and 2014 calendar, Fraser directed video clips, scripted by the ad agency. Each featured one of the male models talking to the camera.

    “All the male model plumbers were great to work with and each had a different personality,” said Fraser.  He added that the whole crew enjoyed a good laugh as the models’ clothes started coming off, leaving many of them shirtless by the end of the session.

    DDB San Francisco Art Director Kelly McCullough gave Fraser many ideas about how she wanted the images to look—a slick, yet not overtly sexy feel, with hints of men's fashion and poses that weren't cheesy. She also gave him some artistic liberties, allowing him to light the shoot and direct the guys as he saw fit. In regards to the final images, Fraser said, he was thrilled with how the portraits came out and feels the resulting tone is both honest and sexy.

    Download the full 2014 calendar on the Liquid Plumr website—but be forewarned, the contents are hot hot hot.

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