Tim Tomkinson Designs a Visionary Outpost for Jackson Hole

Tim Tomkinson Designs a Visionary Outpost for Jackson Hole

From logo design to illustration, Tim Tomkinson has provided the breadth of his services to Jackson Hole property management company, Outpost, in much the same way they do for their own clients. For their Fall brochure, describing the company’s comprehensive suite of perks—like cleaning, repairs, interior design, and more—Tomkinson was tasked with imagining scenes that would integrate Jackson Hole’s wildlife into Outpost’s branding. Here’s how he did it:

“They have quite a few branded merchandise items now—hats, bags, coffee, welcome mats—so those were handy to use. The only one that is more subtle is the very first illustration, where the moose is sitting in front of a barn and the Tetons. But that is the exact barn that I referenced in the icon of their logo, which is called the Moulton Barn and is an historic landmark as part of Mormon Row just outside of Grand Teton National Park.”

Despite his world-class talent, Tomkinson’s local knowledge came in handy for this assignment, as he’s personally witnessed almost all of the animals he referenced around the neighborhood. The moose, he reported, let themselves onto his yard a few times a year.

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