"The Art Of The Personal Project" - Exit Altitude 13.5k

"The Art Of The Personal Project" - Exit Altitude 13.5k

Thank you Suzanne Sease and A Photo Editor for selecting Ewan's personal project on skydiving for this weeks feature!

There’s a certain apprehensive joy in reaching out of a plane at 13,500 ft. with your right foot to find the “camera step”. About the size of an Apple track pad and riveted onto the fuselage of a jump plane, it can’t be seen without putting your head outside, which completely throws you off balance. So you have to do a bit of feeling about. The wind speed is about 100 mph, and then there is the prop blast (the wind generated by the propeller), which is considerable. I’ve noticed that thinking only about my immediate goals is very useful during this procedure. Read and see more here.

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