Sky Pie Studio, Down The Street Designs, And Rinee Shah Drive The #FENDIROADTRIP

Sky Pie Studio, Down The Street Designs, And Rinee Shah Drive The #FENDIROADTRIP


Fendi recently had the unique advantage of three F+J-represented studios putting their heads together towards the #FendiRoadTrip. The animated, illustrated, and stop motion campaign utilized multiple looping GIFs, which were then combined into a minute-long video by Paul Zappia and Colin Ozawa at Down the Street Designs, illustrator Rinee Shah, and Daniel Castro’s Sky Pie Studio.

“[Fendi] had this cute little custom vintage Italian delivery cart that was driving across North America,” Castro explained, “stopping in cities along the way to show off their new bags.” The team’s job was to visualize and promote this journey for Fendi’s roughly 9 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Their inventive animation depicts the cart traveling West from the Hamptons through Toronto to Los Angeles; going up in a hot air balloon to return to New York City; and getting swallowed by a gator who delivers it to a neon-emblazoned Miami. But when the camera zooms out beyond the animation, viewers might start to see things through aspirational eyes. The artwork transforms into a map that’s folded and swiftly packed away, through stop motion animation, into one of Fendi’s chic creations.

Working together allowed the artists “to show off the cities in a more stylized way,” said Castro, and they were given the freedom to “run wild...making this playful and vibrant.” It shows, perfectly matching the brand’s bold, adventurous approach.

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