Editorial & Commercial Work by Fulvio Bonavia for Swatch & Vogue Italia

Editorial & Commercial Work by Fulvio Bonavia for Swatch & Vogue Italia

Still Image of Personalized Watch

Fulvio Bonavia Fashion Photography

Creative Watch Advertising Photography

When Vogue Italia began offering its visionary production services to a roster of new clients, Swatch was one of the first brands to sign up. Our own Fulvio Bonavia, no stranger to the fashion world himself, photographed still and motion images of their personalized, patterned Swatch X You watches in their natural habitats. These environments were constructed in collaboration with a stylist and a model maker, who devised matching paper and objects for each watch in question, though only some of them made the final edit. The creatives planned the direction of the shoot with Fulvio in advance, including some storyboards for the mixed stop-motion and motion-graphic work. Still, he was able to improvise on set, following a workflow that falls “somewhere between the editorial and the commercial jobs.” Of this unique middle ground, Fulvio said, “I think the people that work with me appreciate my different approach to the projects. People from a magazine, like Vogue, like to have my advertising background when they work with a client like Swatch, and people from advertising agencies like that my creative approach gives their campaign a twist.”

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