Introducing F+J Illustrator, Maria Grejc

Introducing F+J Illustrator, Maria Grejc

Polish-born, Berlin-based Maria Giemza was an architecture student when she began to rely on illustration to visualize her ideas and take respite from her work. It was only after attending Blend festival, a conference for animators, artists, designers, and illustrators in Vancouver, that she began to visualize it as a career. Good thing for us and the rest of the world that she did—the artist has made work for an impressive client list that includes Lufthansa, DocSend, Bosch, Sunbites, and dm drogerie, to name a few.

The architectural focus remains in her work, creating a structural setting for colorful characters and for light to play throughout the frame. Working from her sketchbook to her computer, Maria loves the informality of illustration, saying, “I think it is great that it got through to everyday life.” Even more fulfilling are the people she illustrates with and for, a group we are proud to be part of.

Architecture IllustrationIllustration of Party People

Minimalistic IllustrationIllustration of Visual Art

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