Jessie Ford Makes Everything Better With Her Tactile Illustration Style

Jessie Ford Makes Everything Better With Her Tactile Illustration Style

We can’t think of many scenarios that wouldn’t be improved by a flourish of illustration, and our newest artist, UK-based Jessie Ford, seems to agree. The Brighton based author and illustrator, described a recent favorite project for Godiva Chocolates to us: “I designed boxes of all different shapes, sizes and colors, for their entire worldwide Valentine’s Day campaign.” The illustrated decorative elements were then converted into “window stickers, point of sale posters, and other display items within the stores.” This lovely project has since led to many more packaging commissions: “designs for biscuit tins, tissue boxes, and even tetra-paks”, for a variety of other clients. 

Jessie has also created colorful illustrations for clients such as Apple, Starbucks and Kiehls; produced images for Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website, illustrated best-selling kids’ books, and designed patterns for kids’ clothes. She has also illustrated many book covers for bestselling authors.

It’s no surprise that Jessie’s work has found so many applications. Her university course of study was evenly split between graphic design and illustration, and although her career path has veered toward the latter, her approach is grounded in the former. “I've become meticulous about the placement of elements, and the work has evolved into having a very graphic quality,” Jessie said. Yet its tactility is what makes a lasting impression. Her artwork always begins with a hand-drawn sketch, and after importing it into Photoshop, Jessie applies elements she has collected from real life: hand printed textures, hand drawn lines; while she seeks inspiration from interesting color combinations from magazine clippings, from painted ceramics, and vintage textiles. Yes, to all that and more, please.

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