A Photo Editor : The Art of the Personal Project

A Photo Editor : The Art of the Personal Project

Today’s featured artist:  Clemens Ascher

“A Modernist Lunch break “

In “A Modernist Lunch break “ I show business people eating their lunches on the go.

Therefor I’ve created abstract spatial compositions, populated by surreal figures – like marionettes on a theatrical stage.

With a certain ironic elevation I explore the relation between past visions of a modernist future and contemporary sociological phenomena – People feeling free within a very limited spectrum of acceptable opinions and generated desires, for which to be satisfied they have to function within the system.

As a recurring topic of all my personal works I continue to explore the subliminal effect of colours and some of the most relevant and distressing topics of our times. Societal control through generated desires; alienation from nature and other uncomfortable contemporary truths build the superstructure of my surreal photography.

In my work process I builds stage like scenarios and populate them with surreal figures performing their everyday life. I often utilize a slightly exaggerated advertising aesthetics, contrasted with calm and detached minimalism. I’m combining various styles and elements from art history and our collective visual memory to form new contemporary statements.

Thanks Suzanne Sease and A Photo Editor for this spotlight on Clemens' work!

Modrnist Lunch BreakMen Eating Burger Man Eating Burger

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