Welcome Danny Lane!

Welcome Danny Lane!

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Danny Lane became a photographer by pretending to be one: after playing a photographer in a film, “I fell in love with the craft and I've had a camera around my neck ever since,” he says. His affinity for the casual and spontaneous lends itself to a relaxed and agreeable atmosphere wherever he’s working, but don’t mistake him for careless. “Even if a pose is relaxed, I am pretty thorough about placement and facial expressions,” he explains, calling his work “neurotic.”

Neurosis — or, put another way, meticulousness — blends well with influences from foreign cinema and abstract expressionism, landing Lane solo shows in New York and Los Angeles. He’s shot for Aéropostale, Limnia, Nike, and more, as well as releasing print pieces worldwide. Lane says his art is fed by other art: “Art definitely drives the car that is my life...I collect books, cameras, vinyl records, paintings, and prints. My life is a life of art and I wouldn't change that for anything.”

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