• 1.16.2014

    Cheek to Tweet: Meet F + J New Media Manager Stephanie Wolf

    To compliment our world of endless visuals, we decided to collaborate with a talent whose medium is the written word this past year.

    Enter, Stephanie Wolf, on board in early 2013 to manage F+J digital content, including social media and the F + J blog.

    We couldn’t be happier to have a pro writer crafting our stories of new work, breaking campaigns, and artist interviews. The unexpected side benefit...working with a fellow creative who is transitioning from a career in ballet to one in journalism.

    I know...ballet dancer, writer, what?

    We raised eyebrows as well, only to discover the qualities that make a good dancer— teachable, flexible, fast learners, prepared, hardworking, and team playertranslate to great assets in any business.

    As so often happens in our field, the virtual way of working and the self-directed work situation, Wolf is able to manage the F + J digital content while pursuing other projects.

    Her online magazine DIYdancer is one such pursuit. If you love dance you must check it out.

    Additionally, she contributes dance essays and criticism for Colorado Public Radio’s new arts bureau and recently accepted a position with FOX31 Denver and Channel 2 News as a web content producer.

    It’s exciting to watch our marketing efforts improve, and its inspiring to see Wolf go after the things she loves—much like the many talented artists that populate the F + J roster.

    As we move into the new year, be sure to keep checking back on the blog to get a double dose of creativity—that of our artists visual achievements as well as Wolf’s use of the English language to illustrate each F + J project. 

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