• 9.14.2017

    Lucas Zarebinski's "Less is More" Personal Project Featured by "A Photo Editor"


    Suzanne Sease chose to feature Lucas Zarebinski's work in A Photo Editor's "The Art of the Personal Project".

    "My personal projects are about turning everyday objects into something extraordinary. I’m a strong believer in “less is more” and have been religious about embedding that philosophy into my work. Simplifying the creative process and the photos themselves helps me get to the point and show the true nature of what I’m photographing. Food, paper, pills, and pencils are just a few of the common objects I choose to work with.

    “Pencil Planet” contains about 200 pencils rigged into a circular shape that, to me, resembles a celestial body. “Waves of Pencils” attempts to transform the mass of pencils into a completely different entity, a swirling wave.

    “Toilet Paper Story” is a body of work that portrays the familiar object in a new, funny, and engaging way. I started working with a few rolls of toilet paper and later added paper towels into the mix. The pastel backgrounds bring a warm and inviting tone to the photographs. I wanted the paper to look like it was coming out of the picture, engaging with the viewer even more. In the end, I’m just hoping to put a smile on their face."

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