• 8.13.2014

    Patrick Fraser Captures Connection for Hilton

    Space to connect. That's what Hilton Worldwide offers larger groups and corporations seeking meeting places in their hotels through Connect


    In a new advertising campaign creatively directed by Lauren Watson at Chicago-based Brand Salon, Patrick Fraser utilized his experience with movie lighting to capture authentic stills of moments the talent shared on set. The decision to use HMI lighting, the kind more often used for video, allowed Fraser to circle around the small groups of cast members, who were able to relax and interact naturally during the shoot. It also gave Fraser access to unique angles and greater flexibility, he said, adding that the videographer he brought along worked simultaneously since there weren't any flashes.


    Fraser's final images speak to the spark of a first meeting's potential and to the opportunities the right space can create. The ease of movement felt by the photographer as well as by the cast shows through, giving the campaign the sense of real connectivity it set out to convey.

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