How Danie Drankwalter is making information accessible

How Danie Drankwalter is making information accessible

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llustrator Danie Drankwalter cites an early love for “outsider” art, Dada, and vintage posters. Now, her primarily digital work brings outsiders into the know, making information accessible: “illustration, if done well, helps a reader to understand the thesis of a written piece,” she says. Drankwalter creates “folk-inspired, sometimes fantastical, bright and airy moments in time” to do just that for the everyday person. “If everyone can’t enjoy and understand a piece of art, that perpetuates gatekeeping,” she explains.

Her work has been featured in American Illustration & CMYK Magazine, and a few past clients include , SPUR, Apartment Therapy, The School of The New York Times, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, and The Hoxton. She enjoys the flexibility that illustration provides her, both in the day-to-day and in “carving [her] own corner within the's fast-paced, intellectually stimulating, and creatively rewarding, which is really ideal in a career,” she says.

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