• 5.5.2017

    Caroline Tomlinson Redefines LA for Anyone Who Travels with Wild Sam

    After covering the Southwest with broad strokes for last year’s Wild Sam guide, Caroline Tomlinson was thrilled to explore and illustrate Los Angeles for them this year. The sprawling city had about as much in store for her by way of people, restaurants to know about, landmarks, and old movie theaters as the desert states had wildlife and landscapes, so Tomlinson packed light on her long walks around town–“a small sketchbook, my trusty iPad and stylus, and I was good to go!”

    In addition to the people and places Tomlinson sketched as she went from neighborhood to neighborhood, the final guide will feature hand-drawn maps meant to lead readers to LA’s illustrious destinations. Tomlinson, for her part, even ended up on that most iconic red carpet–her last night in town brought her, through the graces of a friend in Hollywood, to the Oscars.

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